Easy homemade coconut milk

Coconut milk has a lot of applications. Along with other plant drinks (soy milk, rice milk, oatmeal milk, etc.) it is a very good substitute for cow’s milk for vegans and lactose intolerant people. It has a very characteristic taste, contains from 15% to 25% fat, and – in contrast to cow’s milk – fiber. Coconut […]

Protein pancakes

Another recipe I want to share with you is “protein pancakes” – brilliant and simple breakfast providing everything you need for breakfast. The flavour depends on available protein supplement (it can be neutral as well – in that case use your favourite spices – eg. Cinnamon, ginger, cocoa, etc.). Pancakes are delicious on their own, but you might as well […]

Your training plan in 6 steps

You’ve been running for some time now and you have colected a bunch of kilometers. At the beginning, each additional kilometer gave you great satisfaction – the lengthening distance you could cover, running was easier and easier. At certain point, however, a boredom appeared, hasn’t it? Each workout seemed identical to the previous one, week after week the same thing and […]

Protein waffles

Until recently, I kept as far from waffles as I could. High-calorie, only simple carbs, oil, with whipped cream (obviously) and a ton of sugar. But I found a blog Poranne inspiracje by Sylwia Fojcik. There, I found repository of inspirations for delicious breakfasts. And most importantly – the recipes are quick, simple and nutritionally perfect. They are also the […]

How often should you eat?

How many meals a day should you eat to maintain a good figure, have a full tank of energy and quick metabolism? Some say you should eat 5-6 meals a day, others that only 3 is enough. Meanwhile, recent studies indicate that these are all false conceptions. You can go dizzy with all this. What to eat […]

How to hydrate properly

Theoretically, we all know that we should rehydrate – even more important for athletes. But in practice it’s not so obvious anymore – we often disregard this issue. Meanwhile, the proper hydration is of cardinal importance both for our health, as well as for the quality of our training. WATER IN THE BODY The average healthy adult human […]

Going NUTS with heart-healthy fats

I love nuts in every form. This is one of the healthier snacks – a great “emergency” meal in travel, when the only alternative is some fast food. They are caloric, but if you can limit yourself to a handful, they’ll repay a hundred times with the wealth of health properties. Nuts are very popular in the diet of […]

Monthly summary – November

Earlier this month I developed a plan of goals for 2016. They are ambitious, and only after the first test runs in December (I plan a 10 km and half-marathon test) will I see how realistic they are. A month passed on the struggle to return to shape after off season recovery, slowly get back to training and rebuilding […]

Royal Bay EXTREME – compression calf sleeves review

Compression stormed the sportswear market and overwhelmed it. There is virtually no element of runner’s clothing that would not be available in a compression version. We can “press” ourselves from head to toe. It sounds a little unnatural. How does the compression work and what we gain by using it? Is it any good at […]

Running for Weight Loss

How to run to lose weight? How soon do we begin to burn fat? How to eat properly? Is running on an empty stomach good? These and other questions nag people who reach for running as a way to lose weight. And isn’t it true that most of us began running for that reason in the first place? Me […]

Post-workout kale shake

Vegetable and fruit cocktails are a brilliant invention – they’re full of vitamins, micronutrients and fiber, easily digestible and can be made of virtually everything. They are also delicious and quick to make. What could you want more? We distinguish 2 kinds of cocktails: shakes – based on dairy products (milk, joghurt, kefir, buttermilk) – great after workout, […]

Pad Thai – fragrant street food from Thailand

I fell in love with Pad Thai when my fiancee took me to Thai restaurant Samui in Cracow. In fact, it was the beginning of my fascination of the entire Thai cuisine. It is full of fragrant spices with tons of  healing properties. Pad Thai has a very rich taste and contitutes a compound meal supplying everything we need: carbohydrates […]

Avocado – miraculous butter fruit

Avocado is considered a superfood and can be very beneficial for our health. We reach for this butter fruit more eagerly every day. Despite the high caloric value, due to the large amount of fat, avocado shouldn’t be avoided. Paradoxically, this fruit helps in weight loss and lowers bad cholesterol levels. It is a rich […]

How to warm up before running

If you were to take your brand new super fast lamborghini on a ride, would you step on the gas from the beginning, with the engine still cold, or would you rather let it warm up a bit? The same applies to your body. You can exploit it many times without proper warm-up and you […]

Foods to boost your immune system

Low temperatures and bad weather  breed many infections, to which our body is very vulnerable during the autumn-winter period. Of course, the best cure is always … sport! I wrote about the amazing effects that sport has on health in this article. Howerer, equally important to keep a proper diet. In order to maintain health and strengthen the immune […]